Panama city, Panama

Monday – January 19, 10am. Panama City

I am in Panama City. I got in last night. I took a bus from Bocas to David and spent the night there. I decided not to take the 10 hour bus ride direct from Bocas to Panama City. Instead I took the 4 hour bus ride to David.

I was hoping to sleep on the bus. It was not possible. Imagine trying to sleep on a roller. The route is right thru the mountains. The rode was never straight or flat. And in some place the rode had been washed out and they repaired it with gravel. It was night and the road is just two lanes. The driver took the roads as fast as possible. He sped up the hills and braked down them. When ever the road was sort of straight he floored the bus. At a curve he quickly braked and the accelerated thought the curve. He passed trucks on curves. The road was up and down, left and right. When he came to a spot where the road was washed out he slammed on the breaks. Idled thru it and everyone got shaken on the bus. Those parts of the road were so poor. Then when we got to asphalt, he hit the gas and it was like a rocket. I got through back in my seat and we were off. Then slam on the breaks for a curve. Accelerate out of the curve as I am forced either into the bus window or slammed into the person sitting next to me. I was really tired and I tired to sleep it just was not possible.

bus from Bocas To David

Toyota made the bus. You could off-road in this. Some have air intakes on pipes that stick in the air, it seams that they sometimes has to navigate floods.

When I got to David (daa -VEED) I got a taxi to the Purple House. The Purple House is nice. Everything is purple. The walls are painted purple, the kitchen plates are purple, The bed sheets are purple. Really everything is purple. It is run by a very nice women. I got a dorm bed for $8 and played cards with other backpackers on the patio. About midnight they went to sleep and I was board and I wanted to see the night life. I walked to the casino a few blocks away and asked about what to to. They were not helpful so I got in a cab and told the driver to take me where ever there is music and people. He dropped me off at this dive place and I got one drink and got another cab. This one took me to the edge of town, which made me a little nervous but it was a cool place. I spent a few hours there. I met several people that had basic english and with my basic spanish we had fun and talked about the world and laughed. One guy I met worked in the states a few years ago and we compared thoughts about different parts of the US. I was getting tired and decided to go home. The cab did not know of my hostel and I had to give him directions to it. I did not know the names of the streets and streets don’t really have names here. I told him to take me to the casino and he asked me which one. So we drove and I told him “turn here” and then “turn here”. I made it back ok. The Cab driver was very funny and it was a fun ride.

The Bus Ride from David to Panama was 7 hours. I sleep a bit on and off.

Here is a photo of the beginning of the canal. It was dark so the image is not very good.

More later. I’m off to try to find the house that Grandma lived in here.

Crossing the Panama Canal


Wednesday January 21 – 12:40am – Panama City

I spent yesterday and today looking for Grandma’s house in Panama City. I finally found it. It is now part of the Presidents compound and houses his offices.

Here is a photo of the building then and now.

Photo of Grandma's Apartment. Second window from left on top floor

Grandma's apartment building now Government offices

Also today we watched the Inaugural of Obama. We gathered around my laptop and watched it online at the hostel.

Watching President Obama inauguration at hostel

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    City bus can not run fast as we expected becsuae our streets are small and there are many vehicles, so there will be traffic jams. Pls invest sky train or subway is better not worry about traffic jam and can run fast. When I go to Bangkok, I took sky train from Airport to city center (at hotel i stay)I paid only 60 baths. If I had used taxi, I would pay 500 baths. It is fast and comfortable with aircons and city views.

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